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A federal judge awarded seven Virginia families $2.6 million in damages for homes ruined by sulfer-emitting drywall made in China. Thousands of homeowners, mostly in Florida, Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana have reported problems with drywall, which was imported during the housing boom.

The U.S. District Judge Eldon Fallon ruled that the drywall, electrical wiring, heating and air conditioning system, appliances, carpet, cabinetry, trim work and flooring damaged by corrosion would have to be removed.

Our certified home inspector will follow the protocol established by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to determine if your house was built the with defective drywall. We will document, photograph and submit samples to a certified lab. The results of the visual inspection along with the results from the lab will provide you with a definitive result.

Please call David A. Williams, Sr., MBA, CPSI, Certified Inspection at 407-656-1631 or complete the CONTACT FORM below if you have any question or wish to schedule an inspection.
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